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Due to its high productivity, the ST Grass (Super Tufter Grass) is the ideal machine for sports and landscaping applications.

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With its fully cast iron frame, the use of a heavy yarn count, typically PP or PE up to 16.000 dtex, is possible. Vandewiele offers both tufted as woven solutions for artificial grass. In tufting, Cobble Van de Wiele has developed the ST Grass, which is fully adapted to produce tufted grass in the most effective way.

The use of a heavy yarn count implicates the need for a rigid, heavy duty tufting machine. The name "Cobble" is famous for the robustness and reliability of its machines, and until today nothing has changed. Moreover, additional enhancements have been made to provide rapid and accurate adjustments when changing qualities. The ST Grass is a state-of-the-art grass tufting machine available in both 4 and 5 meter versions with up to 70 mm pile height depending on the execution. Common gauges range from 1/10" to 5/8".

In this 3-minute video from the VDW Academy, the following features of the ST Grass tufting machine are shown :

00:27 Double-sided yarn feed for maximum flexibility

00:40 Optimal control of yarn feed by servomotors

00:53 In-house manufactured gauge parts to obtain maximum reliability

01:30 Servo-driven puller rolls with intermittent cloth feed is useful for tufting longer pile grass products. It avoids needle bending and elongated stitching holes, producing perfect pile fixation

01:46 The human machine interface HMI is equipped with 3 main screens: Home, Explorer and Setting

02:01 In-house developed electronics and Quad drives, integrated in water cooled cabinets, assure optimal control of all servomotor motions in combination with several detections (broken end detection BED, tight end detection TED)

02:14 Grass pile bobbins on a special tufting creel