• Individual Controlled Needles
  • In combination with LCL and IPD for full design cut loop
  • Intermittent cloth feed
  • Up to 8 colours in 1/7" gauge
  • Available in 1/7" and 1/10" gauge
  • Available in 2m, 4m and 5m
  • Eco-friendly solutions trough energy bus
  • Factory of the future ready
  • Latest Industry 4.0 features
  • TEXconnect enabled
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  • Full Design Cut

    Single sliding needle bar

  • Full Design Cut Loop

    Single sliding needle bar

Colortec Types

Zidis Vandewiele 1 10 Colortec Foto 34

Colortec C+

  • Densities up to 1/10”
  • Active yarn feed and optimal tension control by individual servomotors
  • Enables the use of different yarn-qualities in one carpet
  • More even pile-surface
  • Keeps required tension on mix of yarn-types and qualities
  • With advanced CAD-CAM control on IPD and needle selection
ZIDIS Vandewiele 1 7colortec18

Colortec L+

  • Cut pile in combination with textured loop surfaces

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20230606 143426