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Vandewiele, as a world leader in face-to-face carpet weaving, has gained big experience and knowledge throughout the years. The full range of carpet qualities is covered by our weaving and tufting machines. Vandewiele provides innovative textile systems for the complete cycle from granulate to carpet, starting with the extrusion and heatsetting of BCF yarns and ending with the weaving or the tufting.

Tufted carpet in cruise ships, bathmats, rugs with special shapes or wall-to-wall carpet in the entrance hall of a building or in your home, artificial grass and so on: for each Floor application Vandewiele Tufting is able to provide a solution that is perfectly adapted to the customer's demands.

Cobble Van De Wiele allows for a unique combination of technical knowledge and experience.

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Our solutions


Colortec provides the ultimate in tuft patterning technology by integrating Cobble’s well-established techniques of individual needle control (ICN), sliding needle bar and intermittent cloth feed.

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“Myriad” means countless or extremely great in number. The Myriad attachment offers unlimited design flexibility with full pattern repeat definition by the use of compact servomotor yarn control.

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Cobble Van de Wiele offers an unrivalled combination of machine features in the tufting market dedicated to the needs of the customer to tuft plain cut or loop carpets.